Agency Rebrand

When I joined Spark Advertising as creative director in 2013, they had just moved into a new office space. It was really a great space; exposed brick and old-world timbers, reclaimed industrial fixtures and doors, and a fair amount of modern glass and Herman Miller.

Their previous branding elements were all focused around a Victorian dark fantasy motif. Very cool, but it was time for a change. I started brainstorming and mocking up logos and websites before I even set foot in my new office.


After much exploration, I built out a presentation to sell my idea of the new Spark to the rest of the leadership team.


The “hexbolt” took hold. The hexagon spoke to mechanics and building and work and the spark bolt represented the energy behind it all. It became vinyl. It became letterpress.


It became signage. It became print ads. It even became coffee.



And of course, it became the new website. Simple and responsive. Gritty and industrial in a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of way, yet approachable in its crisp modern usability.


Rebranding the agency and defining a new visual language across all its touch points was easily one of my favorite projects to date.