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Pack Expo: Project 2020

PACK EXPO is the packaging industry’s largest annual trade show. They ran a contest called Project 2020: The Consumer Experience, asking entrants to imagine what packaging could be in the near future. A team at my agency developed a triangle-shaped space-saving accordion-fold carton which they named The Tri-Tainer.

I was tasked with developing branding and packaging graphics for the hypothetical product, dog food. As a team, we landed on the name Procyon Alpha. Procyon is a star known as the Little Dog; Alpha, a name fitting for both star systems and canines. First came logo development where I explored dogs, stars, and typography.


A favorite was chosen and we moved on to packaging graphics. I presented a few options—as did other designers—and by popular vote, one of my designs was chosen to develop.






We combined a few elements, finished the design, a coworker built some 3D models and we had a final product to present to the judges. The Tri-Tainer took the grand prize and was proudly displayed at PACK EXPO for tens of thousands of attendants at the show.

2020-alpha4 2020-renders 2020-render2