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Packaging Gallery

Below are few samples of packaging graphics I’ve designed. I’ve got a few more samples waiting behind the curtain, but I have to wait until they hit the shelves before I can show them.



We had a client that was looking to develop a large plot of land into a vineyard and winery. They asked us for some mocked-up wine labels to help them sell their idea. Above are some concepts I designed for their presentation.

EYB-labels560 EYB-bottle560

Another client asked us to develop a promotional label that really utilized their label stock’s printability. We were to incorporate foil, tactile varnish, etc. Above are the graphics I developed for them.

Carmella's Packaging

Above, a local restaurant needed a small run of labels designed for their new line of pasta sauces. Read the full story here.


Above are packaging graphics I designed for a conceptual packaging form that we submitted to a contest. It won the Grand Prize. Read more about it here.


Above are some conceptual options designed for a new beverage company. They needed help establishing their identity and packaging graphics for their first product launch.