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Logo Design Gallery

Below is a sampling of logo designs I’ve done over the years. You’ll notice that I tend to favor a bold, iconic style of logo design. I feel that a simple mark is far more versatile and memorable than an intricate decorative mark—although that can certainly be appropriate at times too.

Logo design is a unique challenge in the design world; simplifying the elements, refining the type, boiling it down to it’s essence until there’s nowhere left to hide. I truly love it. I’ll add to this gallery as more come my way.


mLearnopedia is a website that gathers information focusing on mobile education. I was asked to design a new logo for the website (which is currently being developed).


Procyon is a brand designed for a hypothetical dog food company which was developed for a national packaging design contest. Procyon is a star known as the “little dog”. Only appropriate that we get a dog leaping toward his namesake; both playful and aspirational. Read more about this project.


Victory Motorsports is a team that races stock cars on a circle track, and also sets land-speed records in the Bonneville Salt Flats. Cool stuff.


AD is simply a typographic study I needed to get out of my head.


Hornet Riverboarding was a whitewater start-up that needed help building a brand. The diamond in the stylized H represents the riverboard splitting the riverbanks. Read more about this project.


Olive Ewe is a brand of dog toys under development. The company’s flagship product will be a sheep chew toy. Ha! Love it.


Fox Valley Steel Rule Die is a company that makes steel rule dies. In the Fox Valley. The sharp nature of the stylized fox head mirrors their product offering.


Artorig is one of many side projects I have going at all times. Not sure exactly what Artorig will evolve into, but I felt the need to take it at least this far. The name is an ancient root of the name Arthur—a middle name passed down in my family for generations—and means “Bear King”. Baddassery.


Twin Stitching is a handmade softgoods operation. The owner creates both sewn and knit items, represented by the two kinds of needles in the logomark.


Sprocketship is yet another of my side projects. (What?! I have a lot of ideas!) Sprocketship will be a brand of bicycle-themed art and apparel. A portion of the profits will help support bicycle advocacy.


Smart Market was another concept my agency submitted to the Pack Expo contest. This idea revolved around the future of shopping and a semi-automated grocery store.


Daisy Pedals is a parenting blog written by a young family that loves to ride bikes and live simply. Sound familiar? <winkwink>


FCCA is a local bicycle advocacy group that I was lucky enough to join early in their lifecycle. I sat on the board for most of their first year and helped them build their brand and market their events. Read more about this project.


Kurt Stein’s School of Rock is a really cool approach to music education. An old college friend of mine teaches music lessons, but then he connects these kids with other cool kids and they make rock bands. How cool is that? I built this for him one night because I thought he deserved something cool.


Light the Way Doula Services is a startup brand for the Doula who helped us with our third child. Barter is a wonderful thing.