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Hornet Riverboarding

Hornet Riverboarding was a really cool start-up that needed help developing their brand identity. Riverboarding is a wild sport where you basically bodysurf head-first down white-water rapids. Yes, people actually do this! (I often like to do “experience research” when getting to know a company, but I do have my limits.)

This action-sport company was clean-cut and intelligent (somewhat of a rarity in the white-water business) and their guide service was unique in the Midwest. I developed a brand identity that I felt captured these attributes; clean and clever yet a bit agressive. Also notice within the stylized H icon, the yellow diamond represents the riverboarder between the black banks of the river. We developed the tagline “Swarm the River” and built a website full of striking photography and intelligent copy.

They were thrilled to launch their first season. Unfortunately, for personal reasons the company failed to launch, but if they ever decide to get back to it, they got a solid brand waiting for them.

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