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GT Campaigns

While I was at GT Bicycles, the marketing managers ran a few interesting campaigns focusing on and supporting the amateur racer. You know, the weekend warriors, the people who actually buy the high-end bikes. Pretty smart actually.

Dirt Coalition

First up is the Dirt Coalition. This was a program that recognized amateur mountain bike racers a.k.a privateers. Most bike brands have pro teams, but GT wanted to also give some love back to the people that buy their bikes and actually pay to race on the weekends. GT built a team of hand-selected privateers, gave them a hot bike and full racing kit for the season.

Below is the logo I designed for the team, as well as the racing apparel/kit and website.

GTDClogo560GTDCrace560GTDCapparel560 GTDCweb560
Note: The racers photo is used without permission. Attempts to contact the owner were made. If you are the owner of this photo and would like it removed, simply let me know.


Golden Bike

Another campaign that ran was this over-the-top race series. GT Designed the Golden Bike, a crazy high-end mountain bike, plated in gold (paint). Then they determined a set number of races around the country to determine the season’s series. The fastest amateur would win the bike, a ticket to the next race in the series where he had to defend the bike or lose it, a custom gold tent with a personal mechanic, and then lastly a group of scantily clad “gold-diggers” cheering him on at the race.

I designed the blingy logo, which landed on the jersey, tents, water bottles, and a gold medallion among other things. I also art directed the photo shoot and designed the series poster and life-size standees. Oh, did I mention the over-the-top gratuitous nature of this project. I did? Twice? Did I mention there was a music video?

GTgoldbike560 GoldLogo560 GoldPoster560 GoldStand560