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Fox Cities Cycling

I love bikes. I’m not a racer or jumper or extreme anything really, I just like rolling around on two wheels with my family. So when I heard about a local advocacy group starting up—the first of it’s kind in this area—I really wanted to jump in and help them get up and running with a strong visible brand.

I went to a board meeting, mentioned my abilities and interest and pow! I was their full-time marketing guy. So we started by developing a logo for them. To give you a peek into the time I invest in logo development, here is a screenshot of one of my working canvases. I often have a couple of these, a few sketches, some scribbled notes in passing, and a typography/font selection sheet. Obsession, thy name is design.


I presented a few options to the board and they selected the simple clean and clever use of the initials-as-bicycle logo. They then needed business cards, and some swag for membership benefits.

FCCAlogo560 FCCAbcards560

Next came the need for event posters. I tried to develop a system which could be printed on the cheap, yet still provide a striking visual and brand recognition through layout consistency.

The organization has had a great first year and I’m glad to have helped them start up right. I’ve had to step down to devote my time to other big ideas, but I believe I’ve left them with the assets to continue spreading the good word. Keep pushing those pedals!

FCCAPoster2 FCCAPoster1 FCCAPoster3